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Ashtanga Dispatch

Ashtanga Dispatch is a global and inclusive community, bringing together teachers and students devoted to the practice of Ashtanga yoga, all eight of those limbs. Ashtanga Dispatch shares that love of the practice through an audio podcast, in a print magazine, through...

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Ashtanga: Parampara

The Sanskrit word परम्परा (paramparā) is often literally translated as 'tradition', 'lineage' or 'an uninterrupted row or series'. In the practice of Ashtanga Yoga, paramparā encompasses the relationship from teacher to student, the transmission of knowledge based on...

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The Art of Teaching Yoga One-to-One

In November 2015, I was able to spend a weekend training with Kate Ellis on the Art of Teaching One-To-One organised by Whitespace Yoga Studio. Kate currently teaches on the triyoga Teacher Training and the Yoga Therapy Diploma course run by Yoga Campus. Kate's...

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Smriti/To Remember

Stillpoint Yoga London has created a short film from footage of the Ashtanga Yoga led practice held on 3 January 2015, which captures the essence of the community there. Community and relationship is at the heart of Stillpoint Yoga London. Co-founder Ozge...

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Rechaka, Puraka, Counting twelve breaths

Names and numbers are important. The Sanskrit word 'Ashtanga' refers to the eight limbs or components of yoga described in The Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali. John Scott tells of Pattabhi Jois calling Ashtanga Yoga a 'counted method', and even the name 'Ashtanga Yoga' has a...

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Never give up, always let go

At times, the discipline of a yoga practice can be a struggle. It's easy to forget this in a world of rainbow-coloured unicorns and perfect handstands on Instagram. If a yoga practice is indeed 'practicing for life', practicing skills on the mat that we can take off...

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World Peace Day meditation

Since 1982, World Peace Day takes place annually on the 21 September and is a time dedicated to the absence of war and violence. It is supported by many nations, political organisations and military groups globally. Yesterday, as part of this day, hundreds of...

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Forward folding

When I first started practicing yoga asana, in standing forward bends I couldn't touch the floor. Sometimes it still feels like I can't move forward at all. However, when I look back, things have changed. It just takes a little time. In Sanskrit, the seated forward...

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John Scott talks yoga with the Ashtanga Dispatch

Spending time listening to John Scott talk can be a life changing experience. I know it has been for me, and continues to be every time it happens. John's perspective on a yoga practice always brings some new attitude, some new context to my practice. In the Ashtanga...

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