An increasingly important part of my personal practice, and my teaching, is the thought of what brings you to that moment. Every tiny decision in your life echoes through to the present. I know within my life that, with hindsight, how often a seemingly small choice I made years ago has had an impact that will last my entire life, and in turn has changed how I relate to others. How every other person you come into relation with has an impact on you. If we were all just tiny atoms, how all the forces of gravity and electromagnetism work to attract and repel, and how nothing happens in isolation.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

So at the start of an Ashtanga Yoga practice, we bring our hands together in front of our hearts, we feel the relationship between them, we feel the equal and opposite reaction of one hand pressing on the other, we feel the chain of events, of people, of relationships, of thoughts and  actions, of actions and reactions, that have brought us to this point. And we give thanks for them all.