Since 1982, World Peace Day takes place annually on the 21 September and is a time dedicated to the absence of war and violence. It is supported by many nations, political organisations and military groups globally.

Yesterday, as part of this day, hundreds of people gathered in Trafalgar Square at the heart of London to meditate. The rain was coming down and, as I stood, slowly the square became quiet. Still. At first the noise of the traffic seemed loud, but then it also faded. It’s not that the noises stopped or were suppressed — meditation isn’t about suppressing anything — but as you take a step back from your own thoughts your attention shifts. The rain running down my face. The smell of incense from near by. My body breathing. Thoughts of family, of friends. Being in a silent crowd at Trafalgar Square before. Place. Time. Relationship. Change. Loss. Love. The rain stopped. A hint of blue-red sky as the sun was setting. And noise returned as people noticed a rainbow appear behind us.