Book | Functional Anatomy of Yoga by David Keil

Functional Anatomy of Yoga

By David Keil

Hatha Yoga was born to accommodate those of us who can’t just sit down and quiet our mind. Asana is the vehicle with which we begin […] the asanas bring us to a state where we might sit comfortably and quietly without our mind being distracted by our body. The “jumping around” on the mat is also our vehicle for studying the body in a deep and kinesthetic way. This is where anatomy intersects asana.

David Keil taught anatomy on my Ashtanga Yoga teacher training, and he also taught the workshop where I first truly started to understand the counted nature of the vinyasa in Ashtanga Yoga. He is both anatomist and Ashtanga practitioner.

David’s approach to anatomy is one where there are no absolutes, where the body is not dissected into parts so we can simply remember the names. Yes, having a common language to use when discussing anatomy is vital, but it is perhaps even more important to understand that the body works as an integrated whole.

His book approaches the subject of anatomy within yoga in two ways. Firstly there is a thorough functional look at how the body works moving logically from the soles of your feet to the tips of your toes. This is followed by how this anatomy, how the human body, forms patterns of structure and movement within a range of asana.

Anatomy is a difficult area to address, but David’s approach is fantastic. Clear writing but practical. Not just an anatomy textbook but something that can really work as part of a yoga ‘practice’, using your own body on your yoga mat as an experiment and investigating how ‘you’ actually work.

ISBN: 9781905367467
Year: 2014

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