Book | Yoga Sadhana for Mothers by Sharmila Desai and Anna Wise

Yoga Sadhana for Mothers

By Sharmila Desai and Anna Wise

Becoming a mother, much like the practice itself, is an intensely personal inner journey. Yet many books about pregnancy and parenting seem to focus on ‘telling’ women what they should or should not do. Our intention all along has been to create something the shows that when it comes to pregnancy, childbirth, and mothering there is no right or wrong way to do things. For this reason there are no definitive answers here, only information, tips, suggestions, examples and, most importantly, the experience of others to draw from.

The emphasis on self-practice within the Ashtanga Yoga tradition provides a basis for a yoga practice that can provide support through the journey to motherhood and beyond. For all practitioners, our yoga practice changes and adapts as we change as individuals. Every person in the room has their own, personal, unique practice, and this is the same for practicing during pregnancy.

Sharmila and Anna’s book is a wonderful resource. It contains clear, illustrated guidelines on modifications to the Ashtanga Yoga practice during pregnancy along with over 30 first-hand stories from women practitioners of their personal experiences including Lucy Crawford.

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ISBN: 9781906756307
Year: 2014

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