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Finding ‘flow’ in a yoga asana practice

There are many ways to find happiness, but I believe part of the equation is to include moments of 'flow' in our lives. We've probably all experienced them. When you know what to do and how to do it, you know where to go and what's coming next, the challenge is high...

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Remembering Pattabhi Jois

Sri K Pattabhi Jois was born on the full moon of July 1915 in Kowshika, 150 kilometers from Mysore in India. Today is the hundredth anniversary of his birth. I never met Pattabhi Jois, but his teachings have changed my life. Pattabhi Jois had already been teaching in...

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How Ashtanga Yoga flows and adapts

The Ashtanga Yoga method contains many tools to help build a practice of yoga. One of the tools is the counting of the breaths and movements in the practice—the counting of the vinyasa. For me, in my own practice, counting vinyasa gives a structure and regularity to...

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The ‘Yoga Mala’ of Ashtanga Yoga

Mala is a Sanskrit term that means garland. In India, there are many different kind of malas. Japamala are made from sacred beads strung on a thread, and are used for counting and keeping focused on the repetition of a mantra. Pushpamala are made from flowers strung...

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Yoga Show London 2014

October each year brings with it colder weather, costumes, and bags full of treats... And the annual Yoga Show in London. It's always an opportunity to experience a wide spectrum of things 'yoga' and, more importantly, meet up with...

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Is Ashtanga Yoga too difficult?

Is Ashtanga Yoga "just for the few and the strong and the proud and the brave"? David Swenson has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga since 1973 and is an amazing teacher. In this two-minute video David describes how anyone can practice Ashtanga Yoga and how it makes him...

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Integrating pregnant students

In August 2014 at Stillpoint Yoga London, I attended a teacher training workshop presented by Brigid Godwin on integrating pregnant students into a yoga class. The assisted self-practice ‘Mysore style’ method of teaching Ashtanga Yoga makes the practice very...

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David Keil hands-on adjustments workshop

July 2014 saw me at Stillpoint Yoga London spending a week with David Keil for Mysore self practice, followed by a weekend workshop looking at hands-on adjustment techniques. Great to spend more time with David after teacher training. Thank...

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