Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver documentary ‘A Practice of Devotion’

Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver documentary ‘A Practice of Devotion’

A Practice of Devotion is a beautiful documentary on Ashtanga Yoga. It features Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver with insights and views from Fiona Stang (AYV director) and Greg Nardi, along with the students and practitioners who make up the AYV community.

The documentary gives a wonderful perspective on the Ashtanga Yoga practice. Fiona perfectly articulates how I think of the practice:

“…being  individualised, being one-on-one instruction, with a set series of postures as your framework that you make work for the person.”

Greg uses the word ‘schematic’, which I feel is exactly right:

“… we take this practice, that we’re all doing the same thing in the room but we’re all doing it in such a unique way. We’re all expressing ourselves through this medium of Ashtanga Yoga.”

I was fortunate enough to study yoga philosophy with Greg as part of my training.